Dear Potential New Member, 

Congratulations on beginning the greatest four years of your life. Joining the Clemson family is something that will help you grow into the best possible version of yourself. The next four years and the friendships you make will help guide you once you leave here. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to have such an amazing experience being a Clemson Tiger and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Though the Clemson family is large, Theta allows me to have a smaller piece of home during my time here. I am confident that you will find your home away from home through Recruitment and a sisterhood that will always love and support you the way Theta has for me. Greek Life is one of the greatest opportunities that Clemson can offer you, and I hope you take full advantage of this opportunity and all it has to offer.  The members of the Greek community will give you your best friends, leadership skills you might never have known you had, and a chance to improve the community through philanthropic and service efforts. 

For me, being a part of Kappa Alpha Theta has given me all of these things.  I am not exaggerating when I say that Theta is the best decision I have made since deciding to join the Clemson Family. It has given me best friends that are increasingly more than that; they are family. They are my sisters.  They encourage me to try new things, go new places, and support me no matter what. Whether it be through raiding their closets on game days, dancing the night away at mixers, or studying together in the library, they are constantly there for me when I need them.  They are my support system when Iā€™m homesick, and they are my biggest cheerleaders when I get the job or grade I wanted.  My sisters have given me the opportunity to become the person that I never knew I could be.  Theta gave me the role models and friends that help me become better every single day. By starting your journey as a Potential New Member, I hope you will find your Panhellenic home at Clemson.

I want to say congratulations again on becoming a Clemson Tiger. Enjoy each and every minute of your time spent here.  From Recruitment to classes to football games, the memories you make will stay with you forever.  We at Theta truly hope that these memories will include running down the hill after Recruitment to sisters who will welcome you with open arms. 

On behalf of Kappa Alpha Theta, we are so excited to meet and get to know you in August.  

Go Tigers!!! Go Greek!!!

Theta Love and Mine, 

Kadence Baker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Chief Recruiting Officer